Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, this is Christmas... with a one year old...

Peter is now about 16 months old, so he is right at the point where opening presents is sort of fun (since he doesn't usually get free reign to rip paper), however he doesn't really understand that the gifts are for him.

So, I didn't really think that he would care to get into the gifts that were under the tree and got most of my wrapping done early.

The following day Peter was having his alone play time when I heard paper tussling. I peer into the living room to find 1/2 the gifts that I had wrapped (in gift bags - my bad) opened and all over the living room.

That night I re-wrapped the gifts in paper this time and put them back under the tree, giving Peter a (completely ignored) talk about not touching the gifts.

To date he has unwrapped 3 more gifts, and is working on the rest which I was taped to death in attempts to make it difficult for him.

Its isn't working thus far...

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