Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For my birthday this year, I wanted to go back in time to my childhood and have a pizza party, followed by ice skating. Being the man that he is, Brett made it happen!

Weeks before the event Brett send out an eVite inviting our friend to my "Skate-a-bration"

The house was decorated useing the MANY hockey jersey's that we own (thanks to my father), including one on my larger-than-life card board cut out of myself standing at the door greeting our guests. Peter refered to the cut out as "big Mommy"

All of our friends showed up ready to pack on the carbs they would then burn at the ick rink. Aaron's God mother made me an awesome hockey rink cake, which was as delicious as it was cute.

After signing happy birthday and stuffing our faces with cake, we headed out to Fairfax Ice Arena.

I was really impressed with our friends. Even people who hadn't ever skated (or hadn't in their adult life), were troopers and got out there to try.

However, many of them quit early on (admittedly it does hurt your legs/feet if you are not used to it).

Once everyone was too sore to move and practically frozen, we headed mack home to open gifts.

I was totally spoiled by my amazing friends and family, and felt so blessed to have such an amazing birthday.

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