Friday, September 11, 2009

July 3rd Wiffle Ball Game

Since the Fourth of July fell on a Saturday this year, Friday, July 3rd was a holiday.

Brett and many of our friends had the day off work, so our friend, Ant, decided to coordinate a wiffle ball game.

Outdoor, active, game, and with friends are all of our favorite things, so we packed the kids and the dog up and headed to Blue Mount Park for the game.

Brett and I were the team captains to ensure that we would be on different teams (so we could take turns chasing the kids).

Aaron was a great cheerleader (no doubt, inherited from his mother).

And Peter ran the bases with us a couple of times.

Rusty was new to the family at the time and was a huge hit with our friends.

After the game was over, I had no idea what the score was; but we had a great time, so we both won!

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