Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elton Jon/Billy Joel Concert

The morning after my Skate-a-Bration, Brett and I got to enjoy my birthday gift from my mother - tickets to the Billy Joel/Elton Jon concert.

Billy Joel and Elton Jon are two of my all time favorite recording artists, so I was very excited!

My mom, her friend Nora, my sister Brett and I faced the DC traffic, and after much waiting we made it to the parking lot.

This was to be the first concert held at the new Washington Nationals stadium, which was evident by the sound system quality and traffic/parking issues; but I was so excited I didn't care.

Elton Jon, however was not as easy going with the technical problems. After his piano started malfunctioning you could see him swearing at his stage guys and eventually stormed off the stage.

Billy Joel announced that they were "haveing a real rock and roll F up" but he didn't say "F"

Billy Joel (who seemed much more willing to roll with the punches - or rock and roll F ups, as it were) did his set first, while Elton Jon's piano was being fixed.

Eventually, Elton came back (slightly more calm) did his set; followed by a set by the both of them.

Regardless of technical difficulties, traffic (it took us over an hour just to get out of the parking lot), and sound issues, I had a wonderful time. However I decided that I like Billy Joel best.

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