Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Vacation to Cape May

There is one thing about my life that I really do not like - since becoming a wife and mother I don't have the time or money to visit my family as much as I used to.

Before getting married I used to visit my Aunt Marilyn and Cousin Shellie and family on a pretty regular basis.

Since having Peter, I have only been up once (other than Thanksgiving). I miss them sooo much, so I decided to ask them if they wanted to vacation together (i.e. I invited my family on their annual trip to Cape May).

I am pretty glad I did, because it was the best vacation EVER!

This was our first real vacation since becoming parents, and Peter and Aaron's first time at the beach or seeing an ocean.

Over the winter Marilyn sent Shellie and I a bunch of rental house's to select from, and we decided on Howard's End.

On Saturday July 25, we drove up to Cape May.

The trip would have been great, except the DVD player's battery died at the same time we hit beach traffic. Thank goodness for YouTube on my iPhone and snacks.

When we finally arrived, it was almost dinner time so we ordered Pizza and ate on the big front porch of the house.

After dinner we took the kids for their first taste of the beach. Aaron literally did taste the beach (a theme of him eating sand lasted all week); while Peter and I went down to put our feet in the ocean.

"WATERS ARE FUN MOMMY!" was Peter's excited remarks as we headed home that night.

Sunday July 26, we woke up and headed straight to the beach. We played in the sand and water until lunch time and headed back for food and naps.

While the kids napped Brett and I relaxed and read books.

That afternoon, we stayed in and watched Cars with the kids and hung around the house.

Monday July 27, it was back to the beach in the morning until we had to go back again for lunch and naps.

During his nap that day Peter learned how to climb out of his portable crib and then proceeded to unpack all of our suit cases, throwing the contents into Aaron's crib. We learned about this when my cousin Erin walked by the kids room and said they were laughing.

Apparently, Aaron thought the Peter show was hysterical. To be honest we did too.

After the failed nap, we took Erin and our boys to rent a surrey bike ride; but about 20 minutes into the ride it started pouring rain. We peddled to the house and dropped off the kids and then Brett and I biked back to the rental office to return the bike. We were soaked to the bone when we got home.

After storm we walked to the Washington Street Mall and walked around a little. A giant (creepy) Elmo was there and we got ice cream with Marilyn, Sammy and Erin.

After, Brett and I took a walk to show Peter the Fire Station.

Tuesday July 28, we kept with the tradition of heading to the beach for the morning.

After the kids got up from their naps we went shopping for gifts to bring home.

Peter didn't like shopping much, so Brett was nice enough to watch him:

That night we took a horse and carriage ride with Marilyn, and my cousin's Hannah and Courtney.

Wednesday July 29, we got up early and tried to rent the surry bike again; but this time we quit because the kids were both throwing fits.

So, we were back to the beach!

That afternoon we took the boys on a Kid's trolley ride of Cape May. Peter made sure everyone knew that the trolley says "ding ding!" But got in a little trouble for sticking his head out the window to see the wheels during our tour. Somehow, I don't think this is the last time my kid will get in trouble during a guided tour.

After the trolley ride we walked to a house that we were told was the house used to design the real Barbie dream house. I have decided that Brett needs to buy it for me, but he hasn't agreed yet.

That night Brett took the Hannah, Sammy, Courtney and Erin to see the Ice Age movie.

Thursday July 30, was Aaron's first birthday. He was so excited about it that he slept until 10am!

I stayed home with him, while Brett took Peter to the beach for more fun in the water and pulling his wagon all over the beach.

That evening we had a birthday celebration with spaghetti and strawberry short cake, and Aaron got to open his presents (which Peter then played with).

After our celebration, we took the boys to the beach to fly our new kite, then headed up to the board walk to an arcade before calling it a night.

Friday July 31, Brett got up and took Peter and Sammy to the zoo. Brett was really impressed with the zoo and Sammy and Peter had a good time.

Aaron and I hung out at the house, and I reluctantly packed for the sad departure that was coming the next day.

Shellie and I took Marilyn out in the evening for dinner at Trish's Fine Dining to thank her for treating us to a wonderful week at the beach.

Saturday August 1, the kids woke up late, so Brett and I had lots of time to pack up the car, clean the house and take photos of the house.

The drive home was better than the drive there as far as traffic goes, but we were very sad to be leaving.

Cape May, NJ is now my favorite place (with Hershey, PA being a close second).


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