Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alan's FROLF Birthday Celebration

For our friend Alan's birthday, a few friends got together to play FROLF.

FROLF = frisbee golf and was a new game to all of us except Brett (who was an expert).

Alan, his girlfriend (now fiance) Jacqui, fiends Andy and Diana, and Brett and I met at Blue Mount park in Arlington for the game.

Before we had played the first hole we knew who was going to lose - me!

This was decided after my first throw hit a tree and bounced right back to me. My level of play did not improve much after that.

Andy and Diana were tied for being almost, but not quite as bad as me; and Alan and Jacqui were both pretty good for first timers (which we equated to their height).

Brett (shocker) blew us all out of the basket (i.e. FROLF hole) and was so far ahead of us in score the whole time it wasn't even funny.

After the game we all headed to Arlington to eat a Mexican birthday feast at Rio Grande.

It was a very fun day, but I don't know if FROLF will ever be my sport.

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