Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sally's Birthday

The day after we got home from the beach was our summer intern, Sally's birthday. When Sally first came to live with us, I received an email from her mother letting me know that not only would Sally be turning 22 while she was with us, but that it would be her first birthday away from family. Brett and I decided that we would celebrate her birthday large to make her feel loved and thank her for her help this summer.

The birthday celebration started with lunch at Chop'T in Arlington after church. Sally loves salads, so I thought this would be a perfect choice. To make the lunch more exciting, Brett Andrews (the Head Pastor from New Life and Sally's connection to us) showed up to surprise her with his whole family.

After lunch, my mom, our friend Sarah and I took Sally to Cassiana Spa to get her first ever manicure and pedicure.

Next on the agenda was the Kennedy Center for dinner and to see Shear Madness (for a second time for Brett and I).

We grabbed dinner on the roof-top cafeteria at the Kennedy Center before the show, and got to take a few scenic pictures.

Our friend, Andy Spray, came with us; and as we guessed the show was a lot different than the first time we went.

The Day was full of firsts for Sally and we enjoyed sharing them with her!

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