Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding anniversary #2

Back in March Brett and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary!

We decided to go to "Color me Mine" - a pottery painting place, and then dinner at P.F. Changs.

At the pottery place there were TONS of pieces to pick from, but since we wanted to give each other something we would use a lot we chose to make each other coffee mugs.

After carefully planning out design and color schemes we spend 2 hours painting (they said for best results you need to make 4 coats of each color).

By 8:00pm when they closed we still were not done painting, so they kicked us out! We had to take home our unfinished pieces home and will bring them back to finish at a later date.

Dinner was great, and we finally got to talk. During the painting we were so busy focusing on our mugs that we hardly said a word to each other!

We look forward to the "China anniversary date #2" when we go back to finish our mugs, so we will post those when the project is complete.

P.S. Thank you to Mike and Sarah Merrill for babysitting!!!

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