Monday, May 25, 2009

Reston Zoo

During the week following Sun and Nick's wedding my Aunt Marilyn stayed with us to visit with the kids. One day while she was here we made a trip out to Reston to visit the zoo and an ice cream shop that Marilyn had been to in Florida and was raving about.

The Reston Zoo has a large petting-zoo as well as caged animals, pony rides, and a safari ride through a field that is home to camels, ostrich, bison, zebras, and more.

Peter loved the portions of the trip to the zoo that included feeding the animals and running around, but when we tried to make him wait in line for the safari ride he had his first real public temper tantrum (not pictured).

With the help of Marilyn holding Aaron I had both hands free to wrestle Peter into submission (that sounds much worse than it really was), and we did get to go on the hay ride.

Peter was happy again, but only when he could watch the big tractor wheels moving. Every time the driver stopped to tell us about the animals Peter slowly started melting down again.

Needless to say, we were done with the zoo as soon as we got off the ride!

Next stop was "Iceberry" a frozen yogurt place that was DELICIOUS (and more importantly kept the kids pretty happy!).

We decided to each share our selections with the kids, thinking that they were too small to finish their own. However, both kids were Iceberry crazy and ate everything in site!

The day ended up being fun despite the tantrums, and Brett and I have been back to Iceberry once already! Thanks for the recommendation Marilyn!

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