Monday, May 25, 2009

Caps Vs. Pens - Game 4

Back when the Caps were still in the NHL Playoffs (man I miss those days), Brett and I got our friends together for every game to cheer on our team.

For Game 4 we all headed back to Union Jacks to watch on the big screen (in hopes that it would be good luck again!).

My sister and lots of friends came out to help us cheer again (I am slowly turning them into hockey fans!).

This time we left the boys at home with a sitter, but maybe in retrospect that was a mistake (they might have been good luck)!

The Caps ended up losing for the second time in the series, so the evening didn't end on a good note.

We blamed the loss on Brett because he had vowed to eat the "Victory Burger" (a burger we made using a slider and a chicken finger) if the Caps scored again in the third period and when they did score he only ate one bite. Maybe if he finished the victory burger the Caps would have brought home a victory?

Katelyn was very sad and headed home after the game, but Brett and I stuck around for a little while hanging out with friends.

Union Jacks did end up bringing back the luck 2 nights later when my sister and I went back to watch the end of Game 6 where the Caps won with an over-time goal!

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