Monday, May 25, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter this year was very fun because it was the first holiday where Peter sort of understood what was happening (and even took part in an Easter egg hunt!).

After everyone was up and dressed we did the Easter egg hunt, caught here on video:

After we found all the eggs, Peter and Aaron got to check their baskets for loot!

Peter's basket had a sports and Elmo theme with some books, Sesame Street socks, a play cell phone, sports eggs, and an Elmo bath toy.

Aaron's basket was fish and water themed with all bath time items including a bath toy bag, facet cover, and bubble bath.

After we opened baskets it was time for Mommy's Easter treat - McDonalds! I had almost made my weight loss goal of being 20 pounds down by Easter (I was at 18.5), but more importantly I had given up meat for Lent and was dying for a breakfast sandwich that had some bacon!

Next stop was church, where we got to see my mom sing and see lots of our friends.

Then it was off to Damascus to have Easter lunch with Brett's family at his grandmother's house. We love going to Grandma Gardner's, because she is an amazing cook and great with the kids. But this year we were also excited because Brett's cousin Eileen was there with her husband and baby (who was born a month after Aaron).

After lunch we headed home, and stayed in that night for dinner with my mom and sister (steak!!!).

It was a busy but fun day and even though I ended up with a bad belly ache from all the meat it was so good to be eating it again!

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