Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sad good-byes

I love match making, and I even think I am pretty good at it (mostly because I won't set something up unless I really think the match will work, and I have one marriage under my belt). My best friend, Alex married the guy I introduced her to, and now my sister is dating a guy (one of Brett's college roommates - Iain) that I thought she should date almost a year ago!

It all started last year on my birthday when both Katelyn and Iain came over to celebrate and ended up spending about 12 hours hanging out with us. That night I decided that they should be together; however neither was in a position to start a relationship so I kept my mouth shut (something that is admittedly hard for me).

This past New Years, Iain was avaliable so I let him in on the secret that I thought he and my sister would make a good match, unfortunatly my sister was still dating someone else.

However, around Valentine's Day my sister was going on vacation with us to Massanutten and moving home AND (more importantly) had decided to split up with her then boyfriend. Iain was also coming on the trip, and the two of them ended up hitting it off. After a month or two they offically admitted to me that they were dating and I couldn't have been happier.

Then one day Iain (who was job searching after getting laid off) announced that he would be moving to Dallas for a new job. Less than a week later, Katelyn dropped bomb #2 - she was moving to Utah to take a new job as a recreational theropist. I was really excited about both of their job opportunities, but so sad to hear they were leaving.

The good news is that do plan to stay together... I just wish their jobs took them closer to me too!

You can read more about Katelyn's job and cross country move on her blog.

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