Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 down, 2 to go!

Last night Brett and I sprayed the kids' hair (mohawks) red and packed them in the car to head to Union Jacks to watch the Caps Game!

The game was the second in the Caps verse Penguins best of 7 series for the NHL's Quarter-finals; and the Gardners were FULL of Caps spirit.

In the car we worked on teaching the kids to cheer:

And I gave Brett a kiss so he could Rock the Red lip print (since he wouldn't do a mohawk):

Once we got to the restaurant there were lots of Caps fans to cheer with us, including a table of friends that we invited! Nick, Leigh, Heather, Sarah, Mike and Andy all got in the spirit (some even wearing borrowed jerseys from our collection). During the game we all played the restaurant/bar's "You don't know Jack" trivia game (which they do every Monday), and chowed down on 1/2 price burgers.

Brett and I also took turns playing with Peter since he was not interested in sitting at the table. This lead to some funny situations with other people in the restaurant, including Peter walking up to one table and trying to take someone's purse. The woman who owned the purse was talking on the phone at the time and said, "There is a small street thug with a mohawk trying to steal my purse!" She and the other people at Union Jacks thought red mohawks were awesome and many people asked to take photos with our cute babies.

The game ended up being just as AWESOME as the boys' hair! With hatricks scored by both team's super stars, and more importantly the Caps winning 4-3!!!

Tomorrow is Game #3 of the series so we are hosting a viewing party at our house! All are welcome, so come help us Rock the Red!

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