Monday, March 30, 2009

What goes up must come down

Peter is a climber.

I have seen him try to climb up to the top of an arm chair to get on top of an armor, to the top of a couch to get over the railing separating our living room and dining room, and even open drawers to use as steps to get on top of tables or dressers (obviously none of these attempts were successful because he was stopped before he got anywhere).

The only problem - he is terrified to get down. He won't even attempt to go down stairs if you are holding his hand!

So this morning he was downstairs in his playroom for his alone play-time when I heard him cry out for me. His "time" wasn't up (he plays alone for an hour each morning) so I didn't go check on him. Seconds later he was crying... hard... like "help me!" not "I am just whining because I feel like being entertained.

So I ran downstairs to find that he had climbed half way up the toy shelves we built in the room. He had gotten high enough to reach the top and knock what he wanted on the floor to play with, but he couldn't get down.

If he didn't have the fear of God in his eyes I might have taken a picture, but I felt so bad for him I ran in to help.

I highly doubt he will attempt to climb it again; but then again he is half BeVard and all boy, so you never know.

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