Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since we have been gone...

So, I am well aware that I have really been neglecting the blog lately, so here is an update on my boys and what new developmental leaps they have taken:


Peter is now 19 months old, and seems to learn a new word everyday. He hasn't strung anything together yet, but he babbles up a storm regularly and the doctor's say his language development point to him starting with small sentences in the next couple months. He is also able to make animal noises and identify body parts ("pee-pee" is his favorite to point to so clearly he is all boy... or all BeVard). He is now 23 pounds (10 percentile) and 33 inches tall (73 percentile). He can sort of feed himself with a spoon and fork now, but frequently dumps the food on his bib before it gets into his mouth (we are working on it). He is sleeping from about 8pm-9am at night and taking a nap from 2-4pm daily. He loves to take walks, play outside, and dance.


Aaron is now 8 and a half months old, and is growing like crazy! He is much bigger than Peter was at the same age based on the clothes he wears, but he doesn't have another doctor's appointment until the end of April so I don't have his actual stats. He does however have a few teeth now! His first two came in one the bottom two weeks ago, and now the tops are trying to poke through. Aaron loves his excersaucer, rolls all over the place, and thinks his brother is hilarious (as long as Peter isn't hitting him). He is close to sitting up on his own and to crawling, but in the mean time he loves to bounce to get his leg strength up. He is eating three "solid" meals a day with the family, and just started eating meats (if you call that baby puree meat).

Both boys are still pretty happy kids and great sleepers, and once their mom learns how to find pictures on their new computer she will post some new ones!

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