Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shed for Sale!

Brett and I have decided that our back patio is our next big house project. Since our current patio is the original (from 1978) it is broken in a lot of places and weeds grow up through the stones all Spring and Summer.

We also have a 2 foot wide flower bed (with nothing but weeds) circling the perimeter of our yard which we are going to stretch the new patio over to maximize our space.

The project will be kicking off soon, but before we get anything done we need to sell the shed we bought last year.

We payed something like $200 or $300 for it; then soon learned that the home owners association had rules about anything being taller than the fence and we started getting letters to remove it. By the way, this was also after Brett and his father spend about 6 hours putting it together!

So, now we are desperately trying to sell this shed. We are thinking $100 or best offer, so if you know anyone in the market please tell them to email me at!

Dimensions are 8X3X5:

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