Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good things come to those who wait!

Six months ago we were at Target (i.e. our favorite place), and I spotted the most cheerful pink corduroy blazer that I had ever seen. I probably elbowed small children and knocked over old ladies running to this beautiful piece of fashion, only to learn that it was $80.00.

Two years ago when Brett and I both had good salaries, no mortgage, and no kids, $80.00 for a jacket I loved would have been no big deal. Now that we have one good salary, two babies in diapers, a mortgage (that we are upside down on), and a house that seems to have one issue after another, $80.00 for anything is more than half of our weekly budget for spending money (which includes the money we use for stuff like FOOD!!!).

So I kissed my sweet jacket good bye and got on with life (what is a pink jacket when I have a beautiful family and house, right?... OK, fine, I was a little heart broken).

Well, tonight I am browsing the clearance section on and what do I see?

My pink jacket!!! And this time she had a $9.99 price tag!!!

She will be arriving in 5-10 business days :)


camilla hallows said...

Hi Jill! I saw your blog address on facebook and wanted to say hello! Your family is precious! Glad to see you're so happy. Take care and congrats on the great deal on the pink blazer!


heavly said...

what will you ever do for 5 - 10 business days?!! :P