Monday, March 16, 2009

Korea Town

When Brett and I decided to buy in Annandale last year we checked the school systems and noted that it was a very diverse area. The demographic was equal parts black, Hispanic, Asian and white, however once moving and learning more about the area we found that while lots of people live in Annandale the Korean population owns most of the businesses.

Almost every time we tell people were we live (especially if they are Asian) their responce is, "oh, Korea town."

This was confirmed the other night when NCIS was on the TV while we were eating dinner. We weren't watching or paying attention to the show until we heard one of the characters yell, "they are in Annandale, on Ravensworth Road!"

Ravensworth is the road we live off of.

When we started paying attention to the show we learned that the episode was about a Korean spy.

Go figure.

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