Friday, October 23, 2009

Ping Pong & Pizza Date Night

In the beginning of Fall Brett found a fun new place to have a date night - Cosmic Pizza!

Cosmic Pizza is in DC and is a sit down pizza place that features tables that look like ping pong tables, outdoor patio, and free ping pong (first come first serve).

It was still pretty warm outside, so Brett and I opted to sit out on the patio. We each got a personal pizza and, lucky us - right as we finished eating the outdoor ping pong table opened up for us to play!

We took some video of our amazing ping pong skills:

Jill's Ping Pong perspective:

Brett's Ping Pong perspective:

I have beaten Brett at ping pong in the past, but I think he won that night.

The people you hear talking to us in the videos were sitting at a table next to the ping pong table. They talked to us a lot while we were playing and even asked us if we were in high school together.

When we told them we were 27 & 28 (it was before Brett's birthday) and married with 2 kids they almost fell out of their chairs in shock.

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