Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, the neglect...

I have let my blog go... as you MAY have noticed.

In the past I have gone a week or two behind, but at this point I am almost 3 months behind on the goings on of the Gardner Family!

I am determined to catch up, but I literally have 50 items to post!!!

This comes due to the new and very busy schedule that we are trying to keep up with. Besides being parents, Brett and I are both working more than usual.

This month, Brett did a presentation at work which he worked many late nights getting ready for.

And I am now working at Curves and Jazzercise! Plus, my Curves position changed to Assistant Manager, so I am there more and have to cover when other people cannot.

While I work on catching up, here is a short over view of what is going on with us to tide you over:

BRETT - Brett celebrated his 29th birthday this month, and is working harder than ever at Noblis. He is now working from home on Tuesdays, which enables me to work in the afternoon/evening. He is sad to no longer be playing in a church band, but happy to have one less commitment.

JILLIAN - I have now completed 2 sprint distance triathlons, the first in September and the second in October. Working 3 days a week at Jazzercise and 3-4 days at Curves.

PETER - Just like his mom, Peter is quite a talker. He has many words in his vocabulary, and is stringing sentences together. However, he is also trouble like his mom, and is giving me a run for my money during this terrible 2s phase. His favorite things right now are Pixar Cars, Thomas the Train, and Sesame Street. He is also completely obsessed with babies (also like his mom!), but does not think Aaron is a baby. I think he believes Aaron is a wrestling partner.

AARON - Aaron is still not walking (he is 15 months), but he is really close. Maybe he is waiting for me to catch up on my blog? He does talk a lot though, says "up" "Mommy" "Daddy" "All done" "please" "Juice" and some others. He is a VERY focused child and will play with the same toy for hours. He is also very good with his fine motor skills - we recently found him stacking wine corks on top of each other. I think he did a better job that I would have!

As a family, we try to do as much as we can together since our work schedules force us to be apart a lot (the kids are almost always with one of us, but not always with both). It takes away from our social life and volunteering at church as much, but that is the best thing for the moment.

More from Gardner Headquarters to come!

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