Friday, October 23, 2009

Georgia's Birthday Celebration

When I was helping my friend Georgia plan her birthday celebration this year, I found out that the Legwarmers were playing at the State Theater (right by her house!).

The Legwarmers are a local 80's cover band that is known for their audiences getting into the theme by wearing all 80's gear!

We all got into the 80's action, thinking that we were REALLY over the top. But before the concert we had a great dinner at The Beach Shack (and restaurant/bar next to State Theater).

Almost everyone there was dolled up with big hair and pegged pants - PURE 80's! We were not even close to as over the top as some of the other people.

The only thing better than the food and people watching at the Beach Shack was Brett's beer - Pork Slap (which was not very good, but we had to buy because the name made us laugh)!

After dinner we headed to the theater to secure a good spot to watch the show. While we waited we danced to 80's tunes and took lots of pictures:

FINALLY the band started, and I think it is safe to say it was worth the wait. They really put on a show! In addition to their lead guitar, base guitar, keyboard, and 2 vocalists, they had THREE male back up dancers (one in cut off jean shorts).

It was fun all around and we all danced and sang along with the band.

Here is a little taste of the Legwarmers in action:

After the show, we all headed back to Georgia's house so she could open her gifts.


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