Friday, October 23, 2009

Julia's Bachelorette Party

In August, all the girls from my small group got together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of our friend Julia Mudra.

We decided on Nick's Night Club and a cowgirl party-posse theme!

We all had pink party-posse bandannas and Julia had a pink "bride-to-be" cowgirl hat.

After we ordered dinner and drinks, it was time for our line dancing lessons.

We learned three line dances; taught by possibly the creepiest man I have ever met. He took a liking to me, which became awkward and uncomfortable, but my posse had my back ;)

After our line dancing class, we had dinner and toasted to Julia with the girly-est shooter that they had.

Next up - Karaoke!

Nicks is split into two areas - a front bar with tables, live music and a dance floor; and the bar bar with karaoke and a dance floor.

I refuse to sing in public, but all the other girls sang and we all danced the night away.

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