Friday, October 23, 2009

Kelly's visit

My cousin Shellie and her family have hosted a French student in their home the past two summers.

This benefits me because both times, they have scheduled a trip to DC to show their French student the nations capital (which means I get a visit too!).

The Kelly's arrived on Saturday afternoon for an early dinner and to drop off their 2 younger children - Sam (winner of the non-competitive dance off at my wedding) and Erin (my flower girl). After visiting and BBQing, Shellie, her husband Mike, oldest daughter Hannah and the students from France headed down town to sight see for 2 days while we kept Sam and Erin.

Once their parents were gone, we took Sam and Erin to Fairfax Corner for a free concert and a little fountain fun!

Erin LOVED the fountain (as documented in the following videos):

Once it got dark, all the kids were starting to get tired so we headed home.

Sam and Erin got to fight over who would sleep on the top bunch of Peter's bunch bed and we had fun playing with the kids at bed time. I am hoping Shellie lets me take the kids for a longer visit next summer!

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