Saturday, April 18, 2009

The mega long post about Mike and Andrea's Nuptuals

Brett's best friend (and former life partner - they lived together for 7 years) recently married his long term girl friend, Andrea.

Brett kicked off the celebrations for this wedding in November, when he took Mike and a bunch of their friend's for a golf weekend in Virginia Beach. The bachelor party was four days, three nights, two rounds of golf, a whole lot of eating, drinking and poker, and one trip to a local bowling ally.

In January, it was Andrea's turn for her bachelorette celebration. Her sister, Mike's sister and cousin, a friend from college, Andra's friend's from work, and myself all got to join in the celebrating, which started off in Old Town Alexandria for gifts and dinner. We all had picked out sexy nighties and underwear for our gifts, while Andrea's brother-in-law sent the pictured house coat as his gift! After dinner the girls headed to Nick's Night Club, a country bar, for a night of line dancing!

Next on the list of wedding festivities was the actual wedding, which we were not invited to. Andrea and Mike decided that their ideal wedding was one with as few people as possible. Instead of some huge production where 100+ people were staring at them, they opted for being wed on a Friday morning (January 29) with their parents, siblings, and siblings' significant others, as their only witnesses.

However, this does not by any means end the list of festivities for the wedding celebration! Mike and Andrea (who fell in love over a shared passion for sports) decided to have a Super Bowl party for their wedding reception, with an entire weekend of fun before hand to entertain their out of town guests.

Friday night was the first get together - a game night at the party room in their apartment building. The couple set up all their favorite games around the room for people to start small games, and then organized a huge girls-vs-boys shrades/pictionary show down (we caught our friend Iain on tape for his turn):

Saturday night, Mike and Andrea organized a bus tour of DC, however I do not have any photos or commontary for that event because I got home from Costco late, which made Brett miss the bus. Brett also put the wrong address into our Garmin for the bus pick up location, so apparently it wasn't in the stars for him to make the event. Moving on.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Continental (a sports bar in Arlington, VA) for the big Super Bowl party.

I was in charge of making the "wedding" cake - a football themed cake with football playing bride and groom as cake topper.

Brett was in charge (with the help of Iain) of half time entertainment - which was speeches, and a song that Iain and Brett wrote together (I will post the lyrics in a separate post). See video for why Mike and Andrea are laughing so hard in the photo:

Additionally, the sister of the bride (Amy) gave a speech:

And the sister of the groom (Katie) gave a speech:

After the half time show, we finished watching the Steelers and Cardinals fans sweat until the bitter end. Brett and I played 3 games of ping pong (which I WON!!!). And then it was time to call it a night, and wish Mike and Andrea a happy honeymoon.

It was a really fun weekend of celebration and we are so happy for the newly married couple... now when are you having babies already??? ;)

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