Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Massanutten Trip

Every year, my mom generously offers her Massanutten time share to Brett and I (and my sister, Katelyn, now that she is out of college). The time share always falls on the Saturday of President's Day weekend and goes through the following Saturday, so we try to stay the whole week.

This year we invited Aaron's God parents, Mike and Sarah Merrill, and Brett's College roommate, Iain Lawn.

Everyone arrived on Saturday afternoon and evening and shared a great meal cooked by my sister, then after the kids went to bed we all played Scrabble on teams - Brett and I were Team Romance, Katelyn and Iain were Team Barf, and Sarah and Mike were Team Three.

Sunday all the skiers and snow-boarders headed out to the slopes after we all fattened up on Sarah's biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

Iain was the most experienced of the snow boarders, and was trying jumps.

Mean while, Mike Merrill was learning, but everyone said he did great!

Sarah and I ended up taking the kids to the resort's indoor pool for Aaron's first swim. However, we were then evacuated due to a medical emergency (someone was having a heart attack).

That night we played Mexican Train Dominos until we all thought we were going to pass out after a big meal of baked ziti.

Monday morning, everyone except Brett (who stayed with the kids) bundled up and headed back to the ski resort for snow tubing. When we first arrived they told us that we could only go down as singles (not attached to anyone else's tube unless you were with a small child) and not on your belly; however these rules quickly let up!

Though we broke one rule by taking pictures and video the whole time we were there:

That afternoon some people went to the pool and to play ping pong and basketball at the rec center while others relaxed at the house. For dinner that night we pigged out again (it was kind of a theme for the weekend).

After dinner Katelyn and Iain had to head home, but first Peter entertained everyone:

The next morning, Mike and Sarah left early and Brett and I had a relaxing day with the boys staying in the house and enjoying the 2 person jacuzzi as a whole family.

On Wednesday we took the boys to the other rec center on the mountain, where Peter rode his first little ride ever (don't know that he cares to do it again anytime soon).

Then we took the kids swimming, which was a lot less eventful than the first time.

The last evening we were there, Brett's cousin Gannon brought his oldest daughter, Madison up to the house (they live in the area). Madison loved playing with the boys, while Brett and Gannon talked shop. After dinner, Brett and I packed up the car and headed home so Brett could make a lat minute meeting the following morning.

Our favorite part about Massanutten is that it is so close (less than 3 hours drive) and so relaxing, and we cherish that week in February. Hopefully it will continue to be a family tradition!

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