Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hershey Spa Weekend!!!

There is one weekend I look forward to every year. Not my birthday. Not Christmas. Not an Anniversary. Nope! It is my weekend away with my Aunt Marilyn, my cousin Shellie, and our friend Sun. We take 3 days and head to Hershey, PA to stay at the Hershey Hotel and then relax for 2 nights in a chocolate heaven.

We arrived late Friday night and ordered room service and ordered a movie on demand in the hotel room.

Saturday morning we got up early for spa appointments (I got a chocolate massage!), relaxing by the pool, and reading in the spa's quiet rooms while drinking the best hot cocoa ever. From about 9am to 6pm that was all we did! I read almost an entire book, and enjoyed quiet (something I don't hear much of at home!).

Saturday night we went to the hotel's Fountian Cafe for dinner, before retiring back to the room (where our beds were turned down with Hershey Kisses left on the pillows) and we ordered another movie on demand before going to bed.

Sunday we woke up and had the most amazing buffet at the hotel's Circular Dining Room, stopped by the Hershey Outlet mall and headed home.

We figured out that this was our 5th time doing this tradition (with one break the year I got married), and we all hope it lasts FOREVER!

P.S. A special thanks to the husbands/finances that make the weekend possible with financing and taking care of out babies!!!

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