Friday, April 17, 2009

*A Kind Of Magic

Brett and I have a very stylish intercom/radio system in our house that was put in back in the 1970s when our house was built.

Not really surprising, this radio will only pick up the oldies station (100.3 FM). However the more we listened the more we realized that the "oldies" station was now playing classic rock!

Now, we constantly have the radio on in our house because this station plays a mix of the absolute best hits of our parents music and our music. I love it because Peter and Aaron are getting a seriously awesome music education and I get to hear lot of forgotten favorites, which brings me to my story.

The other day they were playing Queen on the radio and the following conversation took place:

Brett - Queen is awesome! I need to get a their greatest hits album.

Me - I own Queen's greatest hits album.

Brett - This marriage just keeps getting better!

Me - Glad the important things are keeping us together.

*"A Kind of Magic" is a 1986 Queen song from their album with the same name

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