Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 day, 4 cute stories and a new developmental step!

Today was a story-filled day for the boys!

1. Peter said his first REAL sentence!
Peter is great with single words, naming body parts, and doing animal noises; but more than a 1 or 2 word sentence is a little beyond him right now. Until today! During story time I asked him to get a book, and after grabbing one he ran back to me saying "I got a book!"

2. Do the crime, do the time! Peter absolutely loves his brother and is constantly wanting to hug him, play with him, and even feed him bottles. However, if Aaron doesn't want to play, Peter gets frustrated. More often than not this can lead to Peter hitting Aaron. This is something that we have worked on a lot, and Peter has gotten so much better, but it still happens sometimes. Today was one of those days. Peter was laughing and trying to get Aaron to laugh by tickling, but Aaron wasn't in to the game. Frustrated, Peter took a swing at Aaron, but since I was within reaching distance I stopped Peter and put him in time out. When Peter's time out was over he walked back over to Aaron and I just had a feeling that he was going to try to hit him AGAIN. I grabbed Peter, looked him in the eye and said in my "mommy voice" - "Peter, you are not allowed to hit your brother! If you hit your brother you are going straight to time out again!" With that Peter turned around, slapped his brother, and walked directly to the time out chair.

3. They cannot be separated! We have a twin's stroller that has the kids sitting one in front of the other, and we always put Peter in front. Tonight, Brett and I took the kids for a walk and while Brett and I were deep in conversation Peter climbed out of and then over his seat and into Aaron's seat so he could give his brother a hug (and if you were wondering, we couldn't see him do so because of the sun shades that are over top of the kid's heads in the stroller). When we realized what they had done and picked Peter up to move him back to his own seat, both kids cried and reached out for each other!

4. Night Night! Tonight, Brett had a meeting to go to at our church so I had bed and bath time duty with the boys by myself. This is actually one of my favorite times of the night because we play together as a family and then all snuggle up for stories before we say prayers and tuck the kids in for the night. Tonight I was sitting in Aaron's room and Peter was running back and forth between the two rooms playing his version of hide and seek (more appropriately titled, hide and then run out of hiding place screaming "MOMMY!!!"). Peter ran full speed around the two rooms for about 30 minutes, taking breaks to read books and play with his train table. Then in the middle of the game he walked up to me with the sweetest little face and said "night, night" then took my hand and walked me into his room to get into his crib.

And the exciting new developmental step - Aaron sat up for the first time!!! He has been doing it with help of pillows and leaning on things a little, but today I actually had him sitting with no assistance at all! He still cannot get to this position on his own, but with his rolling skills and attempts to crawl I wouldn't be surprised if that was coming!

It was a very cute and fun filled day, but we are all exhausted now!

Night, Night! :)

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