Friday, April 24, 2009

151.5 is the new 666

Ok, that might be harsh; but seriously I am so annoyed by the number 151.5!!! Why? Because that is the number I have seen on my scale the past 20 mornings!

It never seems to matter how much I eat, work out, etc., I am still 151.5.

The most annoying part about the number is that it is 1.5 pounds away from the 20 pound mark (which was my goal for Easter); and the longer I take to get that 1.5 pounds off the harder it is going to be to reach my 30 pounds lost goal for Memorial Day!

And in other, annoying weight loss news - my whole body is shrinking EXCEPT my tummy! This is frustrating because: a. it makes my tummy more exaggerated, and b. I haven't been able to drop that many pants sizes because the waist is still nice and round (I call it my kangaroo pouch since I got it carrying babies around).

However, on a brighter note I finally got down to 151 without the .5 this morning.

Hopefully I can get up to a pace that is higher than .5 pounds every 3 weeks!

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