Monday, August 10, 2009

Park with Aunt Temple!

One of my very best friends, Temple, moved to Ohio while I was pregnant with Aaron. It was very hard for me, because we are so close since she is a chef and works a lot of off hours she used to visit with during the day after I had Peter.

Since moving away she has visited a few times, but usually her trips quick and packed full of visits with all her friends that we only see her for an hour or two.

The last week in June, Temple came for a while week and stayed over night with us one night! I was so excited to host her, that we stayed up late to spend as much time as possible together, and played Mexican Train Dominoes.

The next morning, we took the kids to the Annandale Farmers Market and then took the kids to the park to play and walk the dog.

It was so much fun having Temple for (almost) 24 hours all to ourselves, that it was a very sad to say good bye. We hope she visits again soon, and will be celebrating her BIRTHDAY TOMORROW - AUGUST 11 - from NOVA :)

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