Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Brett and I started going to church after we were married, and after 2 years of learning all about what the Bible had to say we decided that we wanted to get Baptized.

Since we were both baptized previously as children (in my case as a baby, and in Brett's case as a young child who didn't really understand what he was doing), we felt that it was important that we do this as a sign that we were choosing to live our lives through God.

Our good friends and mentors, Matt and Andy Spray preformed our ceremony at our local community pool and then celebrated at our house after.

The following is a video of many New Life Church members' baptisms that have taken place this Spring and Summer. Brett and I are the very last you will see on the video.

Anyone interested more insight as to why we made this choice, and the scripture that we read that helped us come to this decision can contact us for that information.

Many thanks to Matt and Andy for walking us through this step in our lives, and our many friends and family members who were there to support us!

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