Monday, August 10, 2009

Concert at Fairfax Corner

Back in June, Brett, Sally and I took the kids to a free outdoor concert at Fairfax Corner.

The venue is a big rectangle in the middle of a shopping area with the stage on end, tables and area to put down blankets or folding chairs in the middle, and a fountain for kids to play in on the other end.

We made a picnic dinner, put Peter in his swim suit and took turns chasing Peter around the square and watching Aaron and Rusty. Events like this are a little too much for Peter, so he tends to run everywhere to try and see everything. He would run to us and take a bit of food then run back to the fountain or to dance.

Aaron was content to listen to the music, bobbing his head and eating snacks on our picnic blanket.

I also got a huge surprise when I ran into a long lost friend (and former room mate), Culley who was there to go to a movie. My kids (who are not shy) took to her right away, and we caught up before parting ways with plans to meet up soon.

After stopping for ice cream at Pot Belly, we realized that Peter had a bit of a accident on Sally's shirt. So we quickly changed him, Brett gave Sally his shirt to wear and we headed home.

Such a fun (free) evening!

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