Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Costco Angel

Two weeks ago, I was in the checkout line at Costco and when I went to pay I realized that I didn't have my check book.

Costco only accepts checks, debit cards, or cash, but my check card doesn't work because we had our identity stolen this year (still unresolved) and I never carry cash.

I was of course embarrassed, but told the checkout person that I would run to the ATM and get money out with my credit card and then get back in the back of the line, and rushed off to the front of the store with a baby in each hand to get money.

A few minutes later I was headed back to the check out line and the man that had been behind me in line stopped me to let me know that someone else had paid for my groceries.

Confuses I ran over to the check out person who handed me a receipt and told me that the man behind me (who told me someone else had paid for my groceries) didn't want me to have to go through too much trouble since I was juggling 2 babies and wanted to bless me with free groceries anonymously.

I was completely speechless and in awe of this stranger's amazing act of kindness, and raced back to the parking lot to thank him.

He was no where to be found, but I will always remember him as my Costco Angel.

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