Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mason District Park Day

On June 27, Brett and I decided to organize some of our friend's for a free kids show, picnic and hike at Mason District Park (my FAVORITE Annandale park!).

The park has an "Arts in the Park" kids show every Saturday at 10:30am, and was featuring Rocknocerous that week.

Our friends Tony and Heather came with their two daughters, Morgan and Chloe for the show.

Morgan and Peter ended up spending most of their time walking around holding hands, but the younger kids watched the music (or sat quietly because they were being fed).

After the concert, we moved the party to a picnic area near the play ground to meet up with friends who were coming without kids.

Everyone brought something to share with the group, so we had a full spread ranging from lunch meat, to fried chicken, to watermelon and veggies.

We spent the next 2 hours stuffing our faces, playing with the dogs, and chasing all the kids before most of the group headed home.

Our friends Alan and Jaquie stuck around to go for a hike, so we packed the kids in a stroller and back pack and took the "Nature Walk" trail around the park before calling it a day.

It was really fun to get our friends together and look forward to more impromptu events like this!

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