Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schooled By My Three Year Old

This evening Brett took the Peter to the Caps game, while I stayed home with Aaron.

When they got home, Peter ran up to me to tell me all about his "big boy" night with daddy.

Peter - We saw Slapshot!

Me - No way! At your seats?

Peter - No silly, at the hockey game. He was on the ice.

Me - I didn't know Eagles could ice skate!

Peter - Slapshot is a VERY special eagle, mommy. He was wearing a black and white striped shirt.

Me - Oh, like a referee?

Peter - No, silly! Like a zebra or a kawati tail.

Me - What is a kawati?

Peter - A creature from animal junction of course! (Peter's favorite show on PBS is an animal show called Zaboomafoo)

Me - Let's look him up on the computer. (I type "quadie" into Google.)

Peter - No Mom, it starts with a KA sound - press the K button! (my 3.5 year old then proceeds to tell me each sound in the word "Kawati" and the letters that I need to push - his only mistake was a "Y" at the end).

Me - (after pulling up Google Images) Is this a kawati? (showing him this photo):

Peter - Um, maybe... but that is not his habitat. He lives in the wild.

Me - OK, how about this (showing him this photo):

Peter - Well that is better. But a kawati lives in a stick home like a beaver. Its called a dam.

Heaven help me when this child gets to school and needs help with homework, I am going to be a lost cause.

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Anonymous said...

my 2 year old just recieved some diego stickers and there was a kawati, which he pointed out n told me what it was... i had never even heard of this animal!!!! i felt the same way! how does my 2 year old know more than me? :)