Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Charmer

My husband is possibly the cheesiest and most complimentary man I have ever met. Whether it is telling me I am beautiful first thing in the morning (which I am not to anyone but him) or constantly complimenting my cooking, there is always a kind word coming out of his mouth (which I try hard not to even take for granted).

I don't know how I feel about nurture vs. nature, but one of them has made Peter EXACTLY like his father in his need to give words of affirmation and spread love. Just like his father, Peter compliments me on EVERYTHING, tells me he loves me non-stop, and gives out hugs and kisses freely.

This afternoon I was eating my lunch and Peter was watching TV. He abruptly got up from his chair and came into the dining room.

Peter - I think Campbell needs a hug and a kiss.

Me - (scooting out from the table) That is very nice, go ahead.

Peter - (hugs and kisses my belly) Thanks Mom, Campbell REALLY likes hugs and kisses.

Then he turns to run back into the living room. Stops. Turns back to me (as if he forgot something).

Peter - Mommy, you are so pretty.

Me - Thanks Peter, are you trying to get something out of me?

Peter stands there a minute looking a little thrown by the question and finally comes up with an answer.

Peter - Yeah, I would like something out of you - Her name is Campbell, she is my baby sister. Can we PLEASE go to the doctor to get your belly cut open so I can play with her now???

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