Monday, March 7, 2011


This afternoon our PMP (Pest Management Professional) was at the house for our bi-monthly service. Peter, who is not napping very much anymore, was downstairs with me when he got there.

Peter - Mommy, who is that man?

Me - That is RJ, he makes sure bugs don't get in our house.

Peter - Like spiders? (Peter is TERRIFIED of spiders, a fear he learned from his father)

Me - Yep, and any other bad bugs that try to get in our house.

Peter - But not the nice spiders, right?

Me - Right, he is nice to the good spiders.

Peter - But what ARE the good spiders?

Me - Maybe a Daddy Long Legs? They are nice.

Peter - Yeah, or Mommy Long Legs, or Aaron Long Legs, or Rusty Long Legs. All of the family spiders are OK, but he better make sure there aren't any others.

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Mama Bear said...

We take so many sayings for granted. The kids call Jon "papa" and while riding his bike we told him to Pop a Wheely. He heard Papa Wheely and now he calls them Mama Wheelys.