Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Sleeping

Peter has a new technique to get himself out of trouble.

If you tell him we are leaving somewhere he wants to stay (the park, etc.), that he is going to time out, or that he needs to stop a behavior; his responce is as follows:

"NO, I AM SLEEPING RIGHT NOW!" Then he will throw himself onto the floor, close his eyes and starts fake snoring.

In some instances it makes me laugh, and sometimes I use it in my favor, "Well if Peter is tired, we need to get home and take naps." It also usually stops his behavor and calms him down, so I have let him get away with it (for the most part).

Yesterday I caught him using this technique on someone else - his friends!

They were all playing cars and trains, and and one of the other boys tried to get whatever Peter had in his hand. As soon as the grabbing and potential hitting started Peter threw himself on the floor (with the toy under him) and did his "I'm sleeping" routine.

His friends stared in shock and I heard one whisper, "Shhhhh, Peter is sleeping."

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