Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dino facts with Aunt Jenny

Peter's current favorite thing is dinosaurs. He has a few dinosaur figures, a book of facts that he loves (and sleeps with) and a new rubber stamp set.

He plays with them all the time and asks so many questions that he has become very knowledgeable. If you tell Peter a characteristic of a specific dinosaur he can tell you the species and facts about them.

The other night Peters was playing with his rubber stamp set when his Aunt Jenny called. Like most phone conversations with Peter, he started telling her about what he was doing.

Peter - I am making dinosaurs for you Aunt Jenny.

Jen - What kind are they Peter?

Peter - This is a brontosaurus. He has a LONG neck!

Jen - He does? Why does he have a long neck?

Peter - So he can eat the planets.

We might need to do a fact check on that one :)

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