Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reston Fun

The first weekend that Sally lived with us (see previous blog about summer intern) we looked online and found that a Beatles cover band was playing at the free concert stage at the Reston Town Center.

Loving the outdoors, town centers, and free entertainment we decided to go!

The only problem? When we got there we realized we were a week early (the first week in June was tacked onto the last week of May on their online calendar).

However, since we were there and we had a picnic dinner we decided to take the kids to the water fountain and have a little family fun.

Sally and I took turns chasing Peter around the water and trying to feed him in between runs through the fountain. Brett stayed with Aaron for most of the night, and had him in hystarics playing a game of "boop, got your nose." The following video was taken about 5 minutes into the game:

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