Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Family Member!

Back in February, Brett and I had to put our Cat, Angel Food Cake, to sleep after she had been suffering with what the vet thought was a brain tumor for three months.

Since then, I have really wanted to replace her with a new furry family member, but Brett thought we should wait a little while. However, I was pretty determined, so I constantly checked dog and cat adoption sites, waiting for the perfect pet.

I wanted a dog that was an adult, house trained, good with kids, small to medium sized, low shedding and allergy producing, good on a leash, and quiet - so there was slim pickings. Until one day I found Rusty.

Rusty was a 5 year old dog, 28 pounds, good with kids, good on a leash, low shedding, house and crate trained - or, in my world - PERFECT!

I mustered up the courage to ask Brett (completely expecting to be shot down), and he agreed to go to the adoption event to meet Rusty.

That weekend, we headed to the adoption event to meet Rusty, and loved him as much in person as we did online. The adoption people let us take him for a walk and play outside with the kids and we were sold (even Brett!).

We applied for him, had 2 interviews, and the next day they called to tell us that we had been approved to take Rusty! The following Monday, he moved in and has been a loved member of the family ever since.

He is remarkably tolerant of Peter (who tries to ride on his back yelling, "Rusty-a-sauras"), great in his crate, and is almost totally over the separation anxiety that he had when he first got here.

Looking forward to everyone meeting him!

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