Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hershey Bears Game!

After the Washington Capitals lost their chances in the playoffs, my Mom, our friend, Nora, and I decided that we weren't ready for hockey season to be over.

Lucky for us, the Caps farm team, The Hershey Bears, were in the playoff finals in their league.

We looked online, bought tickets, and planned a day trip to attend a Sunday afternoon game.

We learned quickly that minor league hockey is a lot different than Washington DC/NHL hockey. First of all - the fans are all REAL fans! They were all completely into the game, knew all about the players and rules of hockey, and tailgated in the parking lot before games (next to their Bears decorated cars).

The game was tons of fun! We knew a lot of the players because they had played for the Caps during the season, and best of all - WE WON!

It wasn't the final game, however they did end up winning the Calder Cup 2 games later!

After the game we walked around the stadium, where my Mom and Nora spent lots of time looking at all the team pictures posted around the concourse.

I made fun of them being super fans and knowing everyone in the pictures, but they got me back when I tried on the Bears head that we had bought for the boys:

It was a great trip (although short), and we plan to go back and cheer for the Bears again next year!


Jon said...

What's the Caulder Cup? Is that a new award they give in addition to the Calder Cup?

The Gardner Family said...

No, but I get the award for being a terrible speller ;)

I think you are just calling me out because I didn't mention you being there!