Friday, September 30, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

I take being a house wife/stay at home mom some what seriously. By that I mean that I do think of it as my job to keep the house clean, make 3 meals a day for my family and take care of the kids without the help of preschool/daycare/nanny/babysitters. That doesn't mean I live in the 1950s and have heels and an apron on when Brett gets home, but I try to have a hot meal and a some what straightened house.

If I was actually employed as a house wife/stay at home mom I would have been fired today. I wasn't feeling great, so I laid around most of the day writing blogs, while the kids played, watched TV and fought over the iPad. It wasn't my finest moment. When Brett got home the house looked like a tornado hit it, and the kids and I were at the dining room table eating for only the second time today (not sure what happened to lunch).

Brett - Hey guys, what did you do today?

Peter (who has a very vivid imagination) - We had a playdate with a family of dragons.

Brett - Wow, really?

Me - Yep, that is why the house looks like this.

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