Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yeah, we had an earthquake. In VIRGINIA! Nuts right?

Everyone insists on telling their story around here, so this is mine.

Yesterday at whatever time the shaking started (I don't know the date, so don't ask me to focus on time) - I was sitting on the couch watch Big Love on Netflix and nursing the baby (yeah, we had a baby - maybe I should post a blog about her). The boys were upstairs sleeping.

My first thought, "wow, the garbage truck is late today."

Immediately followed by, "Oh SHIT - are we being attacked???" Because, let's face it, when you live outside of DC and the world starts shaking you think terrorist attack WAY before earthquake.

But it didn't stop, it was getting stronger and glasses and things started to fall off the walls and shelves.

So, I ran outside (boob out and baby in arms). That was the scariest part, the cars were shaking like crazy! I don't know earthquake protocol, so I went to "rescue" the boys and bring them outside. I was screaming, "Peter, Aaron, Wake up!" in the boys room when it stopped.

Both boys were still sleeping, so I went to check on some neighbors (we have an elderly couple two doors down and several kids who do not have parents home).

A bunch of the neighbor kids ended up at my house because they were scared, so we all unsuccessfully tried to get a hold of loved ones over the phone while we watched the news and learned that there was a 5.9 earthquake.

At that moment I was a little freaked out. Brett was in his office building (which he later told me was SWAYING) so I wanted to make sure he was fine before I could breath. But the news was not reporting any major damage, so I wasn't too worried.

After it was all over and we knew no one was hurt and that there wasn't major damage, it was just really cool. I witnessed an earthquake! Not something I ever thought I would be able to say as an east coaster. Pretty awesome!

We did have two fatalities - two wine glasses that were perched on shelves in our dining room fell to their death.

Oh, by the way, people who live in Cali are absolutely freaking crazy - it was fun once, but I wouldn't really want to do it again, and especially not one that actually does do damage. I know west coasters are probably making fun of us for freaking out over this one, but we are all making fun of them for choosing to live somewhere that it can happen so frequently!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Much better than my story! Chrystal