Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aaron the Whiner

Our sweet baby Aaron hit birthday #2 this summer and almost right away we saw the terrible 2s rear it's ugly head. Aaron has always been more temperamental than Peter, but the whiney-ness seems to be at an all time high recently. Lucky for Brett and I, he does pepper in some entertainment.

Here is a conversation we had with him on the way up to PA for Thanksgiving:

Scene - Aaron is in the back seat whining and we cannot understand anything he is saying.

Me - Aaron if you want to talk to Mommy and Daddy you need to used your words.

Aaron (in major whining voice) - I don't want to use my works.

Brett - Well Aaron if you don't stop whining and ask nicely for what you want we can't help you.

Aaron (in sweet baby voice) - Can I whine PLEASE Mommy and Daddy? Pleeeeease???

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