Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sometimes when I am driving with the kids I will make the sound of an elephant, and says, "did you guys hear an elephant? We must have driven by one, lets look for him!"

They look around, and laugh, joking that an elephant got out of the zoo.

Last month, we took a family vacation to Cape May, NJ (thank you Aunt Marilyn).

This year, we decided to go out to the Cape May lighthouse and climb to the top (apparently, Brett and I forgot about our far of heights).

Aaron was carried the whole way, but Peter was a "big boy" and climbed all 199 steps by himself!

Well, almost. When we were almost to the top, I made the elephant sound.

Peter turned around, looked at me and with a totally straight face and said, "Mommy, can you pick me up, I think there is an elephant up there!"

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